GRE test


I recently took two GRE tests, and here are my results:

I was surprised to see absolutely same results of two different tests, incidentally, the mistakes were mostly connected with the new vocabulary.
Here are some bits of it:
Hackneyed — used too often and therefore boring — избитый (факт/стереотип)

Impetuous — acting or done quickly and without thinking carefully about the results — стремительный

Idiosyncrasies [ˌɪdiəˈsɪŋkrəsi]— a person’s particular way of behaving, thinking, etc., especially when it is unusual; an unusual feature — отличительные особенности

Inferior — not good or not as good as somebody/something else — низший/второсортный

Outstrip — to be faster, better or more successful than somebody you are competing against — опередить