Impact of music on moving pictures

Sergey Nikoyan
2 min readMar 27


Undoubtably, music plays a huge role in creating the atmosphere of the movie. It’s not just a background sound for the audience not to die of boredom, but a tool which can and should be used to enhance the viewer’s watching expereience.
Speaking of my personal favorite scores from the movies, I can say that it’s usually not something composed for this certain movie, but a track by some singer or a band, though there are exceptions, like the first in my list.

  1. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World — Sex Bo-Bomb Band.
    The movie is based on a comix, and the band is a made-up one, in which Scott, the main character, plays on a guitar. Their songs are playing throughout the movie, and this music is quite specific, not something that I usually listen to. However, it really fits the overall mood and style, which is why I like it.

2. One of the most energetic and exciting soundtrack has the Pirates of the Caribbean main theme. It has that feeling of adventure, excitement, nervousness all mixed, which immediately makes pictures from the movies pop in your head. And the triumphant part of the track awakes feeling of great achievement. Definitely one of the best scores ever composed., which easily fits almost any situation.

3. The third track I chose is also a mix of feelings. It’s the main Terminator theme, the original one. This is what I call the kind of soundtrack that makes you shiver on your seat. The low sound of drums mixed with that new-techno sound, and the sound of clashing metal both infuses the film with hope and fear for the mankind. The score made a huge impact on the first movie, adding more to it being more like a thriller, even a horror, than a sci-fi action.

4. Indiana Jones is James Bond of the adventure genre. They are similar in this with The Pirtes of the Carribean. It’s a story about one and only history teacher having “never a dull moment”. It’s triamphant, hilarious, and heroic at the same time.

5. The last, but not the least at all is the Spider Man Movie Theme. It is so epic, superheroic, thrilling, and inspiring all at once, it STILL gives me goosebumps. It is a symbiosis of something very unusual, like superpowers, and somthing so down-to-eath, like Peter Parker’s teenage problems. It really brings the character to the viewer. This a true masterpiece by brilliant Danny Elfman.