Introducing me, myself and I

Hi, my name is Sergey, I am 18. I am from city Bor. This is my first story, in which you will know some things about me ;)

This is my first year at LUNN University. Meeting new people is pretty much routine for me, though I am not extremely social person. I happen to know a lot of different people with their unique views of life. Still, major part of time it is more interesting for me to be on my own, enjoying doing things that I like, which, I think, are not so popular among other people, at least among those who surrounding me right now. It doesn’t mean that I am rude to others or something, it means that usually there are not so much themes we could discuss. Most of my free time I spend in front of computer, laptop actually. Not online, as you might think. I do different things such as just playing games, drawing, editing videos or creating something in Photoshop. So, people mostly count such hobbie as a wasting time, and that’s ok with me. It even works backward for sometimes. For example, I just hate reading, and I mean it. I can read good and fast enough, and, of course, I realise there are breathtaking adventures hidden on these pages. But it just seems to be the most boring thing in the world — watching at those black letters trying not to fall asleep. If there is a screen version of some book, I’d rather watch it instead of reading. Despite such attitude to books I will read everything I have to, to do my best during studying and to become a true professional interpreter. Also I am just crazy about music. I literally can’t live a day without listening to it. Talking about genres I prefer, they are, as they say, specific x) I love lo-fi, chill music, but at the same time I listen to phonk, or rap. And my favourite groups and singers are Joji, Jane , Yung Lean, Linkin Park and many others. I think if people would ask me, what I like the most in myself, I’d absolutely say music taste.

By the way, I think I am pretty lucky to get to study at LUNN accounting my exam results :) Still, I will get used to everything new, overcome any obstacles and release to tough professional world.

That’s all I had, thanks for checking on, see you around!